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Sanitary Ware

Buyrite has a huge selection of Sanitary Ware to suit all styles and homes.

We have an extensive range of toilets and bidets on display at our showroom. As with the bathroom suites, sanitary ware can add to the visual appeal of a bathroom, whether it’s traditional or more contemporary in style.

The right sanitary ware for your need is critical when designing a bathroom that not only looks good, but functions in a reliable and convenient way in everyday life. Important things to consider may be:

Does the style you have chosen match the style of the other fittings, walls, and floor materials?

The plumbing connections available in your house may influence the selection of toilets available to you, so make sure any units you are considering are compatible.

Depending on your house’s water pressure, you could save by getting a toilet with dual flush options, to save water.

Another thing to consider is whether you want a two- or one-piece toilet. Two-piece toilets, with a cistern positioned over the bowl, are sometimes priced lower than one-pieces, and often evoke a traditional, rustic look. The alternative, a one-piece, can fit into either traditional or modern styles more easily.

Finally think about how you’ll go about cleaning your brand new bathroom, once it’s less-than-brand-new. A well-functioning bathroom is equally important as looks, and will ensure you enjoy it for years to come.

Our service team can help you with all these questions and more, so don’t hesitate to visit your nearest showroom for advice and inspiration.

Sanitary Ware

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